New Jersey Devils vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Wed, October 31, 2007  -  Prudential Center, Newark - 7.00pm

I hate Martin Brodeur.  He's just so darn good.  But he wears #30,
which is my new lucky number!

I love Zach Parise.  Maybe it's just because he scored a bunch of
goals against the Lightning in last year's playoffs, but he will be a
superstar in a couple of years.

Drive from Montreal to

Hotel - Back to my brother's

My friend Matt from Jersey
City will be joining me for the
game.  He's a big Nets
basketball fan, and this will
be his first hockey game in a
long time.  Always great to
make a new fan out of an old
A hockey game in Newark?  It will be the Devils' second game in
their new arena, the Prudential Center.  I may love the arena when
I get there, but the name bugs me, as the real Prudential Center is
not in Newark, it's in Boston.  I know this because when I went to
college up there, as long as I could see "The Pru", I knew I could
eventually find my way home after a night out.
I'll be spending
Halloween night with
the Devils, how fitting!  
I'd better start thinking
about what type of
costume to wear to the