Montreal Canadiens vs Atlanta Thrashers
Tuesday, October 30, 2007  -  Bell Centre, Montreal - 7.30pm

I hate the incessant rumors that Vinny Lecavalier is going to be
traded to Montreal.  As a Lightning fan, we are always hearing
stories that Vinny Lecavalier is headed to Les Habitants for some
ridiculous offer like Michael Ryder, a 2nd rounder and an
autographed picture of Jean Beliveau.  Just wishful thinking, Habs
fans....Vinny's staying down South!

Drive to Montreal

Hotel - TBD

To fly from New York to  
Montreal and back was
pricing out at over $400,
which is way too much for
me, so I'll take a leisurely
day's drive and see if there's
any  fall foliage left on the
The first game North of the
border.  My Dad lost his wedding
ring in the old Forum in Montreal
when the Rangers played the
Canadiens for the Stanley Cup
back in the late '70's, or so goes
the story he told my mother!

The venue is the Bell Centre
now, and I'll have the chance to
test out my grade school French.