New York Rangers vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Monday, Oct 29, 2007 - Madison Square Garden, New York - 7.00pm

The Lightning are winless on the road this year, and need this win
badly.  It will come down to the battle of Swedish goalies, Lundqvist
vs. Holmqvist.  May the best qvist win!

Depart Los Angeles (LAX) on
United 194 at 10.30pm

Connect through
Philadelphia to US Airways

Arrive White Plains (HPN) at

Hotel - My brother Pete's
guest bedroom in Stamford,

I was tempted to take the
midnight JetBlue redeye from
Ontario to JFK, but as I'm
headed to Connecticut, I'm
flying in to the tiny White
Plains airport, which is like
landing in some rich
gentleman's back yard as
you descend through the
New York is where my love of hockey
was honed.  When I moved to the U.S.
from England in 1973, my Dad's
company had season tickets at the
Garden and I quickly became a big
Rangers fan.   From Eddie Giacomin to
John Davidson to The Beezer, my Dad
and I were there through bad times
and good.

The Lightning and Rangers are my two
favorite teams, and I've seen them play
each other often in Tampa, but never
in New York.  I'll be sitting with my
brother, me in my Lightning jersey and
him in his Rangers jersey.