Anaheim Ducks vs Edmonton Oilers
Sunday, October 28, 2007  -  Honda Center, Anaheim - 5.00pm

Don't you just love this shot of Francois Beauchemin decapitating
Ales Hemsky after he dipsy-doodles through the Ducks D once too

I love a rough tough defenseman like Chris Pronger.  Maybe it's the
dark uniform, but when I saw Pronger play in Tampa last year, I was
amazed at how much bigger he looked in person than on TV.  I
hadn't seen him play live since his Hartford Whalers days.  Wasn't
Emelio Estevez coaching the Mighty Ducks back then?

Drive from Los Angeles to

Hotel - The exit row of a
United 757 flying

I can sleep late, then all I
have to do is navigate
through L.A. traffic in my
rental car, find a parking
spot near the exit at the
Honda Center and zip off to
LAX as soon as the horn
sounds to catch the redeye
back to the Big Apple.  
A double shot of the Oilers as I see them twice in 24 hours.  Last
time I was in Anaheim was back in 2001 as the lackluster Lightning
stomped the not-so-Mighty Ducks in a half-empty Arrowhead Pond.  
With the Stanley Cup banner hanging from the rafters now, I expect
the crowd to be loud in The O.C.