Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues
Friday, Nov. 9, 2007  -  United Center, Chicago - 7.30pm

After the final whistle blows, I'll be halfway toward achieving my goal
of becoming the first person to ever see 30 Games in 30 Nights in 30
different arenas!

Depart Boston on
American at 11.05am

Arrive Chicago (ORD) at
12.55pm pm

Hotel -
One more regional rivalry
takes center ice as the 'Hawks
entertain the Blues.  I've been
looking forward to seeing this
game for one reason, Nikolai
Khabibulin, who I haven't seen
play since the Lightning won
the Stanley Cup in 2004.  I
miss Nik, but when Chicago
came to Tampa early last
year, he decided he didn't
want to play in the game (so
the story goes), and sat that
one out.