Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens
Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007  -  TD BankNorth Center, Boston - 7.00pm

Depart Pittsburgh (PIT) on
US Airways at 9.35am

Connect through New York
(LGA) on US Airways

Arrive Boston (BOS) at

Hotel - My good friend Mike
Testa's house out in
A true hockey fan loves every matchup between the Original Six NHL
teams, and the Bruins/Canadiens tilt should be a dandy.  I attended
college up in Boston and once bought tickets for a Bruins/Rangers
game in the old Boston Gaah-den.  They were the cheapest seats
(all I could afford) and when I finally sat down after climbing up
endless sets of stairs, I could only see about 1/3 of the ice, unless I
put my head in the lap of the person next to me!  That was my one
and only Bruins game in that decrepit old building with its obstructed
view seats.

Yes, Bruins fans, Bobby Orr is the greatest hockey player ever.  Now
that that's out of the way, you need Zdeno Chara to step up and live
up to his big contract.

Canada's sports network, TSN, will be broadcasting this game
across the country, and I'm sure there'll be a vocal group of Habs
fans in the building.