Columbus Blue Jackets vs St. Louis Blues
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007  -  Nationwide Arena, Columbus - 5.00pm

While the rest of America will be watching the Colts play the Patriots,
I'll be in Columbus for the 10th of 30 Games In 30 Nights.  I
guarantee I'll be sneaking out to the concourse to check on the

I'm not looking forward to this flight.  I was originally booked on the
redeye Phoenix-Atlanta-Columbus, which wasn't too bad, but the
Delta cancelled the flight and now I fly Phoenix-New York-Columbus,
so essentially, I flight right over Columbus, then end up back there
about six hours later!

Depart Phoenix (PHX) on
Delta Flight 430 at 12.15am

Connect through New York
(JFK) to Delta Flight 5063

Arrive in Columbus at  

Hotel - Holiday Inn
The Blue Jackets
have been great to
deal with and I will
be interviewed by
both their TV and
radio crews at the
game.  After the
game, I'll be
heading to the R
Bar, where lots of
fans gather and the
owner is a big Blue
Jackets fan.