Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks
Friday, October 26, 2007  -  Joe Louis Arena, Detroit - 7.30pm

I hate Chris Chelios.  Not because of the nasty way he plays, but
because he's setting a horrible example for the rest of us
40-somethings who tell our wives and/or girlfriends not to worry,
because no one our age is in shape anyway!

I love Joe Thornton.  The best set-up man in the NHL.  Mike
O'Connell should be banned from hockey for life for that ridiculous

Patty-Cake - Today (October 26th) is also Sharks forward Patrick
Rissmiller's birthday.  Sorry Patty, no room for a cake in my carry on

Depart Orlando (MCO) on
AirTran Flight 160 at 9.53am

Arrive Detroit (DTW) at

Hotel - Hampton Inn

My travel to Detroit should
be simple with a non-stop
morning flight from my
hometown, Orlando.  I like
flying AirTran and their staff
is usually enthusiastic.  
Another plus -  passing
through security at Orlando
rarely takes more than 15
minutes.  Let the adventure
Kicking off the 30 Games In 30
tour by kicking out the jams in
the Motor City, baby!  Should I bring
my own octopus?  I've never been to
The Joe, but I imagine it will be rocking
on payday as the Sharks come to
town.  This season's Wings marketing
slogan is "Fire On Ice".  That can't be
good for the ice conditions, although it
won't affect Tomas Holmstrom's
skating much!