For over 40 years, I’ve been fascinated by the game of hockey.  As a
young lad in England, I watched the Wembley Lions, a team originally
made up of Canadians who served in the armed forces during World
War Two, then stayed in the U.K.  I’ve also experienced the thrill of
seeing both of my favorite teams win the Stanley Cup in person, the
New York Rangers in 1994 and the Tampa Bay Lightning ten years
later.  Two of the greatest nights of my life!

I live in the hockey hotbed of Orlando, Florida, and have two teenage
sons who think their Dad is a little crazy, and a girlfriend who is
looking forward to some peace and quiet while I'm away for 30 nights!

I have a strong professional background in both travel and marketing
and currently work for the Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau,
where I head up the Promotions Department.  Previously, I worked for
Universal Studios for 13 years, and had a great education and lots of
fun at Emerson College and
Grahm Junior College in Boston.

I'm ready for this adventure!  I formerly lived in Japan and once
11,000 miles roundtrip in one weekend, just to see my favorite team,
the Tampa Bay Lightning, play in California.  

I’m a frequent flyer who has flown over 550,000 miles since 2000,
with a vast knowledge of traveling tricks and an innate ability to fall
asleep on a plane!

I have a collection of about 40 game-worn hockey jerseys that I often
wear to games (and try not to spill any mustard on) along with lots of
Tampa Bay Lightning memorabilia.

This adventure I'm about to set out on should be a great experience
and I hope to meet you somewhere along the way!

My e-mail is